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Roofing companies: years in business vs. combined experience

There are roofing companies in the Charlotte NC area who advertise their ‘years of experience’ versus their years in business, which can be somewhat misleading to homeowners when looking for a trusted roofer.  Years of experience is a very gray area, being that the term “combined years of experience” is often used to enhance their image while advertising to the public.  Let’s look at a clear example of combined years of experience:  Say for example, a roofing business has 10 employees, each of them with 2 years of experience.  Then, using these numbers, they come up with: 10 employees x 2 years each of experience = 20 years of combined experience.  As you can clearly see, 20 years of combined experience does not equal 20 years of experience in the industry.   The question is then, would you want 10 persons on your roof who only have 2 years of roofing experience ?

When a company stays in business for several decades, there are a number of factors which made this possible:  Good value, great customer service, an excellent reputation, and evidence that they honor and follow through with the customer/contractor agreement per the contract, and to the full satisfaction of the customer.  Furthermore,  roofing companies must maintain a good working history and relationship with the local Better Business Bureau.  At Wade Griffin Roofing,  in addition to a standard contract,  we are committed to go above and beyond where necessary to exceed your expectations.  We treat your home and your yard as if it were our own, leaving your property in “better condition than when we arrived”.  We’re from the era where a handshake and a smile still means something in today’s business world.

The right way to evaluate roofing companies and their experience is by their years in business. Wade Griffin Roofing has been in business since 1973, serving the Charlotte and surrounding areas for over 40 years.

Best roofing practices: The importance of proper roof ventilation

Bad roof ventilation

Signs of bad roof ventilation

As part of our best roofing practices series of articles,  we’re showcasing a few of our recent jobs to demonstrate proper installation and consideration of roof ventilation.  This house doesn’t have a ridge vent which provides proper ventilation. The “nail pop” is from expansion and contraction of the roof deck which over time works nails up through the shingles. On this house the money not spent when the roof was replaced is now causing a leak and meant additional costs to the homeowner. The other photo shows blistered shingles less than 8 years after replacement. Proper ventilation will not make shingles last forever but it does enhance their performance.  Simply put,  roof ventilation is paramount.

The installation of ridge and gable vents in this photo above would have prevented the premature failure of this roof.  It’s unfortunate that the customer took the least expensive option when replacing this roof less than 8 years ago. A proper installation with the right materials would have lasted at least twice as long.  Good roof ventilation makes certain that there is airflow in and out of the structure which is adequate enough to allow for natural air movement. The cross-ventilation of air around the roof helps maintain more steady temperatures. Since internal (attic) temperatures more closely match those outside the roof, the roofing material is not stressed to the point where it buckles.

Using the best roofing materials maximizes your investment

You’ve received your tax return and it’s time to invest in your roof.  Being that a good amount of your roof installation costs are labor related, have you asked what brand of roofing materials are being used for the “great deal” you’re getting ?  Think about it – your roof is a long term investment, so why would you invest in any material that is sub-standard? To save a few hundred dollars? Everyone wants to save money here and there.  The best place to cut corners is at the grocery store or cutting coupons, where you can also buy generic products.  Would you use this same principle for a roof replacement or repair?  Not a good plan. Let’s say you’ve received a quote from a trusted local roofing company, and instead went with the fly-by-night cheapo quote in order to save 15%.  In order to give you such a price break this person slashes that 15 percent directly off of his material budget by using poorly constructed materials. Now you are spending 15 percent less for a roof who’s life is 30 percent shorter.  In good conditions, a standard 3-tab shingle roof can last up to 25-35 years with high quality materials.  Knock 30 percent off of that roof’s life, and now you are replacing your roof 10 years earlier than necessary.  Now you are incurring more labor and material costs sooner.  How is that saving money ?

The smart way to approach this long term investment is to go with the best materials possible.  Examples of top materials we use are:  GAFCertainTeed, Owens Corning, and Velux.  Charlotte’s weather has been strangely unpredictable in the past few years.  Choose the best roofing materials possible, and feel confident in your investment.

As the best and most trusted roofing company in Charlotte NC for over 40 years, we only use the best roofing materials available in the industry.

Best roofing company in Charlotte – Wade Griffin Roofing

As the 4th oldest original and family-owned and operated roofing company in Charlotte, we pride ourselves in being the best roofing company in Charlotte NC. Why are we the best ?  Check out our A+ rating on the Charlotte Better Business Bureau, our Angie’s List Super Service Award, and customer testimonials. The founder, Wade Griffin,  is known throughout Charlotte for performing very high quality roofing work and having very happy customers. Some of these customers are on their second roof !   The best way for a company to get repeat business is to take very good care of their customers, from start to finish.  This means sitting and listening to their questions and concerns,  correcting or making any adjustments, and providing good follow-up for any material defects.  Those original customers have shared our name with their children and families, friends, and coworkers. These principles are still followed to this day, which is what has made us the best roofing contractor in Charlotte.

Still not convinced? Ask yourself this:  How much money does the average Charlotte roofing contractor spend on advertising to new clients ? Why ?  The answer is simple. Their word-of-mouth customer percentage and referrals are low, and there is likely a good reason for that. How do we set ourselves apart ?  Over 60% of our daily scheduled work is from repeat customers, referrals, and their families.  As the best roofing company in Charlotte, we don’t rely on paid advertising to reach our clients.

There’s no other roofing company in the Charlotte NC area who has a higher percentage of repeat customers.  Call us today:   704-821-5703

We’d love the opportunity to earn your business for years to come.

Roof repair in Charlotte – Asphalt, Slate, Tile, Metal

Generally speaking if a roof is less than 7-8 years old, repair may be the best course of action. The roofing materials may even be under a pro-rated warranty. For roofs in excess of 10-12 years and older, it’s more likely that the roof will need replacement. The reasoning behind this is, that after 10-12 years the shingles become used to their placement and shape and begin to lose their elasticity (this of course does not apply to slate, tile, and metal roofs). A thorough inspection will allow problem to be identified. Specific problems like leaking skylights, vent damage, and fautly chimney flanges can be more simple to address as compared to shingle damage in a large area. Common symptoms like leaks and pest infestations will not only continue to affect the roof itself, but begin to have adverse effects on structual materials within your attic.

Whether a gust of wind left you with missing shingles, a tree fell on your slate roof, or a piece of your tile roof is cracked or missing, we ‘ve got the experience and skill to replace or repair it.  There are many roofing companies in Charlotte – but how many have real expertise in Slate, Tile, Metal, and other specialty materials ?  The answer is, not many.

We specialize in roof repair in Charlotte and Union County, and have performed several hundred roof repairs in the last 40 years. If you are asking yourself  ”who will repair my roof ?” , then you’ve come to the right place. Call us today for an estimate:  704-821-5703

We look forward to hearing from you.

Roofing materials put to the test by indoor hail storm damage !

metin2 pvp serverlerIn a recent article on, an online press release and media company,  the Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) makes history for the “first-ever full-scale hailstorm” The impressive roof testing and ‘indoor hailstorm’ is the first of its kind, and the video is amazing. See what it looks like to dump a load of small ice spheres on both a shingle and a metal roof !

Read:  IBHS Commemorates One-Year Anniversary Of First-Ever Full-Scale Indoor Hailstorm  on

See this indoor hail storm on Vimeo:

IBHS Hailstorm Demonstration Highlights from IBHS on Vimeo.
pvp serverler


Repair or Replace my roof ? Do I really need a full roof replacement ?

Look back at the weather from 2011, and fast-forward to February of 2014.  One thing becomes clear – Charlotte is a focal point for unpredictable and menacing weather. One of the unprotected victims of these random storms is your roof. While you hunker down and hope the power in your home does not go out, your roof faces the storm alone, taking some serious punishment.  Shingles can be loosened and high winds begin to cause tears in the roofing material.  In some cases, shingles can literally be lifted up by wind and can find themselves in your neighbors’ backyard.  So now it’s time to assess the damage, and you find an 8-foot section of your precious roof missing, all the way down to the tar paper protecting the wood.

The question now is, do you replace the entire roof to address the missing section or try to match and repair what is left ? The answer is, it depends. The age, the quality of the previous installation, the availability of the same material color – all of these are determining factors in the repair or replace decision. Repairs like this are often  not for the DIY or beginner due to the fact that it takes special care and experience not to disturb or loosen the surrounding shingles while performing the patch.  Want a repair that will last as long as the original roof ?  Call Wade Griffin Roofing today at:  704-821-5703.  Wade Griffin Roofing specializes in roof repairs that other companies won’t touch.  We have been serving the Charlotte area for over 40 years, and are your trusted roofing contractor in the Charlotte Metro and Union County areas.