Repair or Replace my roof ? Do I really need a full roof replacement ?

By Wade Griffin Roofing | March 1, 2014

Look back at the weather from 2011, and fast-forward to February of 2014.  One thing becomes clear – Charlotte is a focal point for unpredictable and menacing weather. One of the unprotected victims of these random storms is your roof. While you hunker down and hope the power in your home does not go out, your roof faces the storm alone, taking some serious punishment.  Shingles can be loosened and high winds begin to cause tears in the roofing material.  In some cases, shingles can literally be lifted up by wind and can find themselves in your neighbors’ backyard.  So now it’s time to assess the damage, and you find an 8-foot section of your precious roof missing, all the way down to the tar paper protecting the wood.

The question now is, do you replace the entire roof to address the missing section or try to match and repair what is left ? The answer is, it depends. The age, the quality of the previous installation, the availability of the same material color – all of these are determining factors in the repair or replace decision. Repairs like this are often  not for the DIY or beginner due to the fact that it takes special care and experience not to disturb or loosen the surrounding shingles while performing the patch.  Want a repair that will last as long as the original roof ?  Call Wade Griffin Roofing today at:  704-821-5703.  Wade Griffin Roofing specializes in roof repairs that other companies won’t touch.  We have been serving the Charlotte area for over 40 years, and are your trusted roofing contractor in the Charlotte Metro and Union County areas.


March 1, 2014